Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short Story

My Stort Story

Miracle Mud

Some year ago, When Superman became a paralyzed, Batman ( his best friend)bought him a wheelchair. In nice weather he enjoyed riding it around the Sapuknicpapiyongkukkuk , Where he lived. But in the winter, he stored it in Spiderman's ( his girl friend) garage several miles away from his house.

One Spring day Spiderman miss Superman but his car broken at that time. So he decided to drive the wheelchair to Superman's house. He practiced in the wheelchair for a few minutes and when he had the hand of it. he stared down to the road that had a canal between the road. For the first everything passed very well, But when he came off the birdge. He saw an oncoming car and shocked. He lost control of the wheelchair and plunged into the canal, Where he standing in waist-deep water beside his wheelchair which was stuck in the mud

When Spiderman turned around, he saw the people waving to him. About 20 cars had stopped and people were running to help him. They pull the wheelchair free and when he began to walk out of the water, Somebody shouted that '' Where is the patient? Miracle !!!!

When he arrived at Superman's house. he told him that his wheelchair had nearly been famouse for finding mud that can heals.


Hot, Beautiful
Feeling, Touching
Outside my decision and control
Hook far for fish
Waiting in the old boat
From the sun set to the sun rise
Dancing boy
Beautiful, attractive, But
In my own eyes