Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short Story

My Stort Story

Miracle Mud

Some year ago, When Superman became a paralyzed, Batman ( his best friend)bought him a wheelchair. In nice weather he enjoyed riding it around the Sapuknicpapiyongkukkuk , Where he lived. But in the winter, he stored it in Spiderman's ( his girl friend) garage several miles away from his house.

One Spring day Spiderman miss Superman but his car broken at that time. So he decided to drive the wheelchair to Superman's house. He practiced in the wheelchair for a few minutes and when he had the hand of it. he stared down to the road that had a canal between the road. For the first everything passed very well, But when he came off the birdge. He saw an oncoming car and shocked. He lost control of the wheelchair and plunged into the canal, Where he standing in waist-deep water beside his wheelchair which was stuck in the mud

When Spiderman turned around, he saw the people waving to him. About 20 cars had stopped and people were running to help him. They pull the wheelchair free and when he began to walk out of the water, Somebody shouted that '' Where is the patient? Miracle !!!!

When he arrived at Superman's house. he told him that his wheelchair had nearly been famouse for finding mud that can heals.


Hot, Beautiful
Feeling, Touching
Outside my decision and control
Hook far for fish
Waiting in the old boat
From the sun set to the sun rise
Dancing boy
Beautiful, attractive, But
In my own eyes

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Interests

Travel is one of the most interesting for me. Just thinking some where on earth and plan where I want to go, it is very excited. During the way, I can see, fine and learn new thing I have never know before. It teaches me how the freedom is. Learning experience from foreigner is the best way to get to know each other and you maybe understand their culture. Sharing experiences are very interesting and good also. If I have a time, I’m going to book store and brown some travel book in order to get information. In my house I have so many travel books in the room. So now I realize that travel is my interesting.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Diary

Normally when I wake up, there are a lot of meals on the beautiful table for me everyday. I just take a shower, put on clothing, and then sit on the wonderful old chair in the dining table to devour voraciously my hot delicious meals. At that time, I feel like I’m being the prince in big castle. But what do you thing if today is unusual day. There is noting, empty and clean in the beautiful diner table.
To these circumstances, if you were me, what will you do? For I am it like a little pure girl lose the way’s home in the big World.

I’m going to tell you what is the big terrible this morning.
I walk up at 6 o’clock. Feeling as hungry as a starving tiger. So I come down and looking for my meals. Noting on there! I shout for someone but nobody in my house on weekend.

I look at the door’s house. It is locked from the out side. So I realize that my love parent go somewhere else. Because of hungry, I am cooking. First of all, I don't remember when I was cooking. Well…I usually eat out.

Anyway, I am cooking! I cook fried egg and salad. But I forgot take are pictures. Actually, it was silly-looking. So I deliberately don't take are pictures.
However, taste is good. It's delicious…maybe555. If I try I can do it. I can make it delicious. 1 hour later my parent comeback and we sing a song together.

Not yet!!!

On the night, it’s an accident! Power on and off (Power failure)
It so dark…I can't see anything.
What should I do?! I need lights now so I desperately looked for the flashlight.
(3 minutes later...)
I get it!! And the light comeback at the same time

Today is one of my complicate days in my life.

Thank you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Dream Vacation

As i am.

The only place where I want to spend the time on my vacation is the wonderful country in the world called (Japan). There are so many admirations and attraction place where I can relax, Feeling as a bird flying away from the crowded city, breathe the fresh air.

With the cool climate all of the year, there is a Sapporo Snow Festival, which the people all over the world come to join and see the hundreds of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures. This is the big largest event of Japan. My intention is to goes to this event just one more time before I die.

Fuji Mountain is one of the most attraction places. I want to see it on my eyes because most people say about the place so many times that how it is beautiful. Not yet. Japan culture is the most interesting also. It is completely different from my own country.

Japan people are very nice and friendly. If you lose my ways, sometime they probably take you to your destination on by their car or tell you how to go safely

I have been to Japan one time and if I have a chance or money, I prefer and suggest all of you guy to visit Japan.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Review

Last week, I had seen the movie ''The Hangover'' which I was adviced by my friend.

The story is about 2 days before the groom get married. So the groom (Doug) and his three friends(Phil,Stu and Alan) decided to drive to Last Vegas for the blow out bachelor party.
When they arrived, they booked the Luxury room and started drinking immediately.

The next morning, when three groomsmen woke up. Thay could not remember every thing.They found the suit in severe disorder. The tiger in the bathroom , the chicken in the restroom, baby in the closet and one of them 'Stu' missing his tooth. But one thing that they couldn't find was Doug. So they started bad decisions to find out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back. While they were sitting in the restroom, Mike Tison ( The Boxer ) came to their room.
He asked them to take back the tiger. He said that last night the four of you had stolen the tiger in my house. So thay had to take it back. But it wasn't not enough to find out where Doug was.

Next day, this was the day that ''Doug'' had to get married with his love. But now they can't found where Doug was. Three groomsmen didn't know what to do and how to tell his family.
Suddenly, the policeman came around the building. Checking how did the bed fall downfrom the top.

So three of them realised that Doug is on the top of the building. Then they ran very quickly to the top and opened the door that couldn't be opened from the outside. They saw Dong Sleep under a hot sun, no food, no drink. Doug said to his friend that ''I wake up on the top with the bed, but I don't know how camne here I here". So at that time his friend could remember that they carried Dough, sleeping on the bed,t on the top for the good view but they did't remember.

Luckly, they found Doug and took him to his wedding!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's me introduce myself.

''Hello'' Everybody.

My name is Ratchasri Kidking or you can call me Kael. I was born in Thailand. I stay in Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand. I live in Bangkok since I was born. However, I want to go somewhere because over 20 million of people in Bangkok make me uncomfortable and feeling bad if I have to go somewhere. Especially, When I have to go to study in my university. I have to spend a lot of time and stuck on the Bus. Now I am study at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. It quit far from my house. In my free time, I and my friend always decide to play football and it become to our favorite sport. If you ask me what is my favorite foods. The only one in my heart is Sushi because the taste is very good.

I'm writing in Creative Writing class and I have to do my first blog. I don't know how good am I but, I'm try my best. If you find any mistake please let me know. Thank you.

Writing on 5 July 2010