Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Dream Vacation

As i am.

The only place where I want to spend the time on my vacation is the wonderful country in the world called (Japan). There are so many admirations and attraction place where I can relax, Feeling as a bird flying away from the crowded city, breathe the fresh air.

With the cool climate all of the year, there is a Sapporo Snow Festival, which the people all over the world come to join and see the hundreds of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures. This is the big largest event of Japan. My intention is to goes to this event just one more time before I die.

Fuji Mountain is one of the most attraction places. I want to see it on my eyes because most people say about the place so many times that how it is beautiful. Not yet. Japan culture is the most interesting also. It is completely different from my own country.

Japan people are very nice and friendly. If you lose my ways, sometime they probably take you to your destination on by their car or tell you how to go safely

I have been to Japan one time and if I have a chance or money, I prefer and suggest all of you guy to visit Japan.

Thank you.

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