Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Diary

Normally when I wake up, there are a lot of meals on the beautiful table for me everyday. I just take a shower, put on clothing, and then sit on the wonderful old chair in the dining table to devour voraciously my hot delicious meals. At that time, I feel like I’m being the prince in big castle. But what do you thing if today is unusual day. There is noting, empty and clean in the beautiful diner table.
To these circumstances, if you were me, what will you do? For I am it like a little pure girl lose the way’s home in the big World.

I’m going to tell you what is the big terrible this morning.
I walk up at 6 o’clock. Feeling as hungry as a starving tiger. So I come down and looking for my meals. Noting on there! I shout for someone but nobody in my house on weekend.

I look at the door’s house. It is locked from the out side. So I realize that my love parent go somewhere else. Because of hungry, I am cooking. First of all, I don't remember when I was cooking. Well…I usually eat out.

Anyway, I am cooking! I cook fried egg and salad. But I forgot take are pictures. Actually, it was silly-looking. So I deliberately don't take are pictures.
However, taste is good. It's delicious…maybe555. If I try I can do it. I can make it delicious. 1 hour later my parent comeback and we sing a song together.

Not yet!!!

On the night, it’s an accident! Power on and off (Power failure)
It so dark…I can't see anything.
What should I do?! I need lights now so I desperately looked for the flashlight.
(3 minutes later...)
I get it!! And the light comeback at the same time

Today is one of my complicate days in my life.

Thank you.

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